March 13, 2012

Where in the World is Bellville Ohio?

I have been doing some research on my mom's side of the family and it seems we have some pretty deep roots in Bellville Ohio. Close to 4 generations that I can establish (and that's only before my great-grandfather moved to Minnesota).

It seems the family settled there in about 1818 and were very "involved" in the community. Quite the change after being thrown out of Connecticut during the revolution as "Tories" (having the state government take all their property and possessions), moving to Canada and being rejected by the Canadians as being too "soft" (not working as hard as the locals)... It seems they found a good place in Bellville.

Funny thing is; the father of the ancestors that relocated to Ohio, was involved in chartering many of the townships in Vermont and while never residing in that state, Vermont's constitution was actually "penned" in a tavern owned by him in Connecticut. He and his brother (and their service to the new government) have qualified me and most of my family for admission into the DAR's and SAR's... Interesting...

Still finding all sorts of tid-bits on my family in America (since 1635 when they came ashore)...

Over and "Out" from a "Southern State" here in Portsmouth, VA USA


Anonymous said...

I did a bunch of research and found family ties to Kentucky, & Ohio on dad's side, lots in Virginia on my mom's side, and some evidence the family came over in the early to mid-1800's. Mom's side has been traced to a small town in Germany in 1635. Pretty cool!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

Intrigue and fascinating events from the far away kingdom of Ohio.

Blobby said...

Oh, I've gotten food and/or pooped at that exit many a-time. It's about 60 minutes from Columbus and 75 from Cleveland. Unless you're looking for farmland, Wal*Mart and McDonalds, you're shit out of luck.

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