April 12, 2012

Where has the "Blogido" Gone?

I'm not sure where my blogging energy has gone, but it seems to have faded recently. I am still reading all my favorites (Over on the right side-bar) but have come short on topics to "engage in"...

Rather than scour the web for something interesting, sanitizing it and re-posting it here, I will just list a few things going on in my life right now...

.    I am a little depressed that I have not found gainful employment yet.

.    Ubu (the blue pit we took in) has decided that the rungs on the front of my
     dining chairs are a great substitute for branches and twigs he chews from 
     the back yard (just an FYI, his God-Mother, Rachael Ray, has suggested Sour
     Apple Spray to detract him from chewing and licking things on the "NO" list).

.    I am "Addicted"... To 2 new TV shows, "Revenge" and "Scandal", both awesome.

.    I have been dramatically affected by the early pollen this year (Ahhhh-Chuuu)!

.    I think as a result of my depression, my libido has been missing (I think it
     decided to take a vacation to some exotic paradise without me).

.    In ALL my spare time, I helped put together a family reunion for 30 people in the
     mountains of VA over Memorial Day week (some of my cousins, kids, aunts
     and uncles)... Many of us haven't seen each other in years. Gonna be fun...

OK, enough of my rambling, what's going on with you all? I will try to have something more controversial to post about on my next entry...

Over and "Out" from my little world, in Portsmouth, VA USA


Bob said...

I'm with you on 'Revenge' but I am still on the fence about 'Scandal'.

And, as a rule, I don't blog if I don't have something to say. Sadly, I ALWAYS have something to say!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Good to hear from you! I do understand the lack of subject matter. I guess I could randomly rant (I do it well), but I keep hoping for a spark of a memory to share - the good stuff, ya know?

Anyway, #1 - I hear you. I hope the depression isn't lessening the motivation of the hunt.
#2 - I curbed that behavior in Bullwinkle by distracting him when he was about to or caught with something in his mouth not his (with a noise or touch, don't use his name), taking away the forbidden item with a stern "not yours", then I replace it with one of his toys with a cheerful "here you go". He got over chewing my stuff pretty quick.

#3 - The comedy stuff is killing me - 2 Broke Girls, The Middle, etc. I like Revenge, but am usually headed to bed by then.

#4 - Well known that life-changing events affect the libido. Hopefully, you'll find work soon - problem solved!

#5 - I think that's GREAT! Sounds like an awesome time. I get to see my family twice next month - a HS graduation and a wedding, so that will be pretty cool.

Thanks for the catch-up! See ya here again soon!

Peace <3

BosGuy said...

As a blogger, I can relate. Take your time. I'll still be checking back to read what you are up to.

the cajun said...

Being jobless, we sometimes feel useless, unwanted, not needed. Something will show up. Each "no" is one more step to a "yes" - playing the odds. Keep your chin up and your powder dry, as they say.

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