October 10, 2012

"Grand" Times...

I am still in Miami. While the circumstances I am down here for are heartbreaking, most of the tears and consoling are fading... Every now and then something comes up and reminds someone of my first wife and starts the sobbing again... I'm sure time will heal the hurt and preserve the memories...

The picture above is of my grandson Tristan. I have been spending some time with him (to give his mom and dad a break from having to deal with a 2 year old AND 9 month old twins). We have been having a grand time... Took him to Matheson Hammock Park with it's enclosed beach on Biscayne Bay, and to a local park and playground where we watched some neighbors shoot rockets off (he thought that especially "cool"). For a 2 year old (he will be 3 in May), his vocabulary is phenomenal and I love kids that can communicate their needs (unlike the twins that just grunt and cry) and usually have a reason for being upset that they can express in words.

I will post about the twins later but for now I am:

Over and "Out" from Miami, FL USA

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Anonymous said...

What a head of hair! HAHAHAHA I'm sure playing with Tristan helps the sadness, he looks like a cool kid. You haven't slipped from my thoughts, Tom. I hope things are going as well as can be.

Peace <3

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