March 15, 2015

Countdown to 60, Part 1

Yes, I'm back, alive and kicking...

Who'd of thought that I would ever be counting down the months, weeks and days to the 60th anniversary of my birth?

For those (few) of you that have followed me since 2006 and are not "friends" of mine on facebook, the tail end of 2014 was "interesting" to say the least... Christmas Eve, after working the night before, I was feeling a familiar tightness in my chest that wouldn't go away. Long story short, after my initial "cardiac event" almost 10 years earlier, and a follow-up visit from the widowmaker in 2013, I was once again having a minor heart attack.

After an angioplasty on Christmas Day my cardiologist informed me that the 5 previously installed stents were not doing the job they were intended to do and that I had additional blockage that needed tending to... Enter the need for a double bypass, Merry (frigging) Christmas to me!

Surgery could not be scheduled until the 29th and due to the potential risk, the hospital would not let me go home until after it was done.

Double bypass became a triple and after 5 additional recovery days I was released on the 2nd day of 2015 with a new scar from my neck to the base of my ribcage...

After a month at home recovering (and not driving) I finally got to return to work and the real world around the 10th anniversary of my first MI and the 9th "blogoversary" of "My New Life"...

Since then, 2015 is turning out to be pretty darn good... My limitations at work have been lifted, I don't have to fear the power of a car's airbag anymore, sneezing and coughing no longer feel like they will blow my chest out, and I have even gone out on a few "dates"...

Thank you to all my family and friends that have supported me through it all... I even got a visit in the hospital from Kelly (the first fellow blogger to comment on mine) over at "Rambling along in Life with a Stern point of view"...

Now that I am semi caught up, the countdown to 60 will continue periodically, so check back for new adventures and mis-adventures as "My New Life" continues in it's 10th year!

Over and "Out", from Richmond, VA

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Jay M. said...

That is definitely a whirlwind!

Glad you are healthy again!

Peace <3

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