July 4, 2015

Countdown to 60, Part 5

I like this guy! 

My favorite guy and I had a great conversation this morning... It wasn't about anything in particular but he reminded me through it that Sarcasm is truly a language and an art form, and that after almost 60 years, I have become quite proficient at it.

It tickles my boat when I get to chat with him early in the morning, before his pessimistic guard goes up. I see a few more good reasons to tow the line, and stay the course... He definitely has potential.

He and I see things through different glasses. He shared a joke with me when I suggested that he usually sees the "glass half empty" and here it is:

Joke: I went to the psychiatrist and he set a glass of water in the desk.

He asked me if I saw myself as a glass half empty person or a glass half full person?

I picked up the glass, drank the water, and said I see myself as a problem solver!!

He later suggested, after I said I would have found a smaller glass and filled it to the top, that he would have "watered the Doctor's begonia, in the window, with it"...

What are you? Sarcastic - Half Empty

or                  Sarcastic - Half Full

Over and "out" on the 239th Birthday of our great nation, from Richmond, VA

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