February 21, 2006

Hello from Monday night/Tuesday Morning. I have met a "real" blogger online today. His name is Ricky and he can be found at , he started out small like me. a few years ago, and is now a huge (not that we are size queens) success.

I admire Ricky for several reasons:

1. He recognized my intent/talent
2. He recognized the importance of hearing things from a gay perspective
3. He cannot hear anything (as he is deaf) yet we managed to communicate without prejudice.

I only wish I could express my feelings with the same conviction that he can. Wow... I am so overwhelmed with his words. They (the words in his blogs) ring with so much tone and depth, that I am embarassed to be the one that CAN hear. Why is it that people with abilities less than what we all consider normal, seem to have abilities far beyond what we consider the same? I have always appreciated the abilities of people with talents that far exceed my own, regardless. My own talents being far less impressive, I worry that I may bore a reader, rather than entertain them. not that either is my intent. My blogs are for me, and at this point in my life, It's all about me!

I will continue to chat and communicate with Ricky. I hope you will too.


Ridor said...

Aww, you're sweet! I appreciate your candor comments. It is nice to know that I hit some chord with the readers.



Kelly said...

I linked to ridors blog a few weeks ago, it is always a good read and very interesting...and his new look is awesome...I am glad to see things are moving along with your blog...keep it up!! and I will keep reading..

Kelly said...

wait...take that back..I had not linked to his blog, I have it in my favorites tab, but that is changing as we speak...I stand corrected...have a wonderful day

Kelly said...

looks like you are getting the hang of this blogging to my pics and stuff...i just surf around from blog to blog and that leads to various pics and links to picture sites...thanks for the kind comments and getting me on ridors blog...i will keep tuning in and let me know if you need anything...

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