February 28, 2006

I hate being poor... Or rather, I hate not having any money.

Before heading out to work this morning, I made sure I grabbed $1.35 out of my change can, so I could purchase a large Dr. Pepper from the Chick-fil-A on Broad Street, out in front of my store. I refill this large drink all day (for free), and what makes me feel not-so guilty, is I periodically purchase breakfast, lunch and/or dinner from them too. I like the free refill policy, although I am quite sure they don't feel the same about my taking advantage of it. Being in commission sales (100% commission), it's a good thing we don't really pay attention to things on a daily basis. Yesterday I worked 11 hours and sold a total of $149.99 in merchandise. To those of us that never pay attention to daily things, that works out to $7.50 for the entire day for me... Now here's the complicated part: the company loans me $7.74 for every hour I work. They pay me that every week, but at the end of the month when the calculate my commission, THEY TAKE IT ALL BACK, I think that sucks! Anyway... We are at the end of the month, and the commission check comes soon, which is great because I was sick a couple of days week before last, and I don't get paid (yet) when I am sick, so the last weekly check I got was pathetic... Hence all the drama.... It's not all that bad. Plenty of food in my fridge!

Talk at you soon... me


Kelly said...

Ohhh, I hated commission only sales...I worked at the North Carolina Company, for about 5 months when I first came to Richmond...I feel your the frig...

Anonymous said...

Quit it. 100% commission sails is a joke. You'd get more money working a shitty retail job. Those kinds of jobs should not exist.

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