March 2, 2006

I should have known today was going to be difficult. I woke up this morning with a real strange feeling in my gut. I had a 10:00am appointment with my therapist and I couldn't help thinking about the choices I have made over these past several months. While I know the choices were the right ones, I couldn't help but feel the pain I caused others by making them. I teared up several times in his office during my session. I have never done that before. I realized I miss talking to my wife and younger children (17 and 19) too.
I came home after my session, to find a summons hanging from the knob on my front door. I have always known that it was possible that my wife would want to divorce, I just guess I never expected that it would happen. Appearantly, in her eyes, I have deserted her and my children, without cause. The papers make me sound so cold and evil in the legaleze they are written in:
"The defendant has withdrawn from the marital relationship, has told the plaintiff that he is gay and no longer wishes to be married to the plainfiff, has abandoned the marital residence, and has committed acts which constitute both constructive desertion and abandonment"
Wow, I would tar and feather anyone that had done this to anyone I cared about.
Now, rather than giving my wife financial support to help pay the mortgage and/or take care of the expenses around the house, I have to pay an attorney to represent my interests too (less for her and less for me).
I still love her. I always will.
I have made the choice to not be with her, and now I pay the emotional and financial piper.
Til next time.....


Ridor said...

Wow. Under normal circumstances, I would say "tough shit". But I was touched by your comments. YOu are torn about a lot of things in life. Hang in there, man.

When I get back to Richmond in few days, let's chat, okay?



Kelly said...

Hang in there...If I havent already said it...when coming out, there are some really low points and depressing things, but know that the tough part is over and now you can work on getting your life together and enjoy being around those you care about you most...there will be tough points, but in the end things will work out...I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason...sometimes, that reason takes a while to figure out...take care of yourself

crystal said...

Hey Tom I never knew you had so much going on in your life! And I thought i had it bad(which believe it or not i do!)I think your a wnderful person who has a lot going for you. I wish you the best and hope everything works out for you. crystal

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