February 17, 2006

Well, here I am again.... Watching Jay Leno and adding to my Blog. I went out and played some pool tonight, and watched the "Drag" show with the African Americans at Z2.

Curious... I have ancestry back to Ireland/England and Sweden, does that make me Irish/English, Swedish American? hmmmmm I think if you add Gay to that it could make a wonderful drink, but only if you put one of those colorful little umbrellas in it. I think, if we all just do away with the labels and call ourselves Americans, (which is a label in and of itself), we would all have less to bicker about.

I have signed up as a volunteer with Equality Virginia, I figure since I am now officially Gay, I'd better start helping the "cause". Not that I agree with all the issues on the table, but hey, I'm Catholic and have been a Picadilly (cafeteria) Catholic, picking and chosing my beliefs, since John-Paul II proclaimed that the Priests caught fondling young boys, would be forgiven and allowed entrance into heaven (because they know what they did was wrong), but the gay and lesbian catholics live in sin every day and will never be forgiven (maybe there is a gay/lesbian heaven elsewhere? Like the one for dogs and cats that don't have souls).

Damn... Look at this, I have talked about religion and politics in the same blog... What is this world coming to? I need to keep more of these feelings under wrap....

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Kelly said...

nice...keep it up...and if you keep talking politics and religions and local richmond stuff, after afew more blog entries you can ask WRIC to link you in their blog section of the website...i am there....

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