February 26, 2006

Wow... What an emotional roller coaster I have been on these past few days. I had someone tell me they love me (a man that I really like and respect and a man that I would like to continue to spend time with, if he slows down), and I went to see "Southern Baptist Sissies". Not that the two could possibly have the same long term comparisons, they both managed to touch my heart.
Since this man and I are still working through our shared feelings, and I would rather not publish all that here, let me tell you what I thought of the play we saw tonight at Fieldens, yes Richmond does offer provocative theater!
It was awesome! the Del Shores play was performed with genuine emotion by the Richmond Triangle Players. Every scene seemed to be a flash-back of sorts of my own life. I felt so relieved (that I was not the only one that ever felt these feelings), while being entertained. The audience, consisting of people from every walk of life: Gay, Lesbian, Straight (and whatever), laughed out loud, clapped during the drag routine, shared the emotions of the cast, and cried to the point that tears rolled down our faces (ok, so maybe it was just me and few other men that had the rolling tears, but I think there were more). I read a testimonial from the Del Shores website that summed up what I felt:
"Sunday night I had a surreal experience. I saw a play in Los Angeles called Southern Baptist Sissies written by Del Shores, the same genius who wrote and directed the film Sordid Lives. I can only tell you that I laughed, I cried, I cried and then I laughed some more. The show had everything I love about life: beautiful messes with southern accents, resurrection, redemption, tears and hot as hell nudity!"

The RTP Production did not include the hot as hell nudity, but there were some very hot chests shared by the players. Not that that's what I went there for...
I can only say, whatever your walk of life happens to be, spend the time and money and go see this show. The Fieldens Cabaret Theatre is cozy and you feel like part of the performance, in more ways than I can count. I am sure this will make a fabulous movie too, although being a member of the Southern Baptist congregation is alot more personal. This is one that you shouldn't wait for the DVD..
Oh, and to the man that shared his feelings with me, let's do this one day (week, month, year, mellenium) at a time... I promise I won't intentionally let you down or hurt you!

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Anonymous said...

I directed the Play and wanted to thank you for your words. Come see Sordid Lives in September..

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