February 25, 2006

The Maymont Bears were a Richmond area treasure. What a shame that the bears had to be put down only to determine if they had rabies. I wonder if the parents of the child bitten feel any remorse or responsiblity for their lack of control and their involvement.

Sometimes I also wonder why the extensive testing needed to determine the presence of rabies can't be done to the dumb ass responsible for getting so close to a clearly marked and labeled wild animal. While I truly understand the choice to put the animals down, and not the child or parents, oh I do wonder...

On a light note, a group of friends and I are going to brunch tomorrow and then to see "Southern Baptist Sissies" at Fieldens. It should be fun. I will offer a review in my next entry.

Oh... by the way, I think NBC and channel 12 did an awesome job covering the Winter Olympics this year. I do not have cable, so all the "networks of NBC" meant to me was my favorites on channel 12... GREAT JOB!!!

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