March 9, 2006

Good evening Richmond!

I am so darned sunburned. And it is oddly shaped, in places I don't normally get burned. Alright you guys with your minds in the gutter, that's not what I'm talking about. The top of my scalp hurts (yes under my hair), my forehead, eyes, and the tops of my ears are burned. I look like I dipped both hands into very hot water and pulled them out, as they are burned (except where my watch was) halfway up my forearms (right where my long sleeve shirt was rolled up to).

I drove back from Melbourne Beach, Florida yesterday with the convertible top down from 9:30ish to about 4:00pm. Now it may surprise you to know that I do know what sunscreen is, why I chose not to put any on yesterday, surprises me even more. I never go out without sunscreen, yet I never thought once about needing it inside the car. Yeah, it's my first convertible... and... I am blond.

I spent some quality time down there with my parent... My Mom... It was my time to go and comfort her in her time of need, and it ended up feeling like she did all the comforting. With the stuff in my life going on (which I thought I had pretty much under control) I was an easy target for a very talented Mom. We talked alot, we took a couple of long walks, we had a wonderful lunch out at a seafood place called squid-LIPS (interesting name though) right on the Indian (or Banana) River in Sebastian. Awesome food and ambiance.

Oh... on the way down to Florida, I was apparently harboring a nasty cold (one that could annihilate all mankind, I think) and it came to full fruition about 3 hours before I got there. The first day all I did was apologize, sneeze, cough, and apologize more... Sorry Mom...

More on my Florida story tomorrow, my eyes grow tired and weary... Goodnight!

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Kelly said...

Sorry about the sunburn, but I am jealous...i was so pissed yesterday when i was out at lunch and all these people with drop-tops still had the tops up...come is too nice not to put the top down...glad you are back and got some personal time with your mom...

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