March 23, 2006

Happy 18th Birthday to my baby... I love you very much!

Tuesday and Wednesday were days off (my weekend) for me. They were very relaxing, yet complicated and filled with tension and stress. Without getting to detailed and boring, I got to see my wife... also saw (what I suspect will be) the last snow this winter, had a wonderful evening Tuesday with a friend, after a home cooked spaghetti dinner. Finally topped the weekend off with another home cooked dinner (meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas) with my house-mate, and two good friends. We had dinner, a few cocktails, played some UNO and watched the elimination round of American Idol... Poor "Chicken Little"... before retiring for the evening.

I think I may have lost a close friend last night though... I have been trying to tell this friend that I need space and time... I thought he understood, apparently I did not communicate my feelings with enough uuummmpphhh... I hope he wants to continue our Friendship as just that, a wonderful friendship... I cannot give him what he wants as I still have way too much going on in my life...

I hope he takes the time to read the book I shared with him... By not taking things personally, not allowing other people to manipulate the agreements you make with yourself, you can better see the entirety of your own personal dream without the poisonous effects of others' negative comments and thoughts.

Today is not about ME, or HIM, or anyone other than my baby girl who turns 18... I love you sweetie, I always have and I always will... your Daddy


Ventures INTO Life said...

You have not lost me. I became way too involved with being involved. I know that you need your space and time to discover who you are. No excuses. None needed. Call me.

Anonymous said...

I hope you at least sent her a birthday card!

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