March 27, 2006

Sunday night I helped some good friends host a party at their home... The guests were a hodgepodge of Richmonders, gay, straight, old, young, male, female, natives and transplants. In between assisting my friends, I had the opportunity to have a couple of really enlightening conversations with several people.

The best was a dialog I was having with a group of VCU Med students and their friends and spouses. Not a one of them was over 30. We shared some political views, some religious thoughts, and had a interesting conversation about their view on the significant differences between their generation (GenX) and mine (Baby Boomer). While there are a number of variances between the two, it was amazing to me how grateful these kids were for the generation that preceded them. I think one of the quotes was "You all dreamed up and made possible things like the internet, personal computers, and IPODS... We have never known life without them". I have two boys close to these young peoples' ages, I hope that they find the time to share their thoughts with someone one day, and impress that someone, like these very special people did me.
I think that while we didn't solve any major world issues, we may have at least chipped away at one...
Life is full of little surprises... It's especially fun when one drops in your lap...

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Ridor said...

Actually, I disagreed. It is much harder to get credit cards, insurances, cars, houses and all that because the Baby Boomers fucked it up so bad -- now we have to prove ourselves that we are better than yours.

That's the truth.

Many did not realize that light bulbs were invented by deaf person. Many did not realize that the father of the internet is deaf. Many did not know that little things that were invented were done by deaf people ... but guess who used it? hearies. barf.

C'est la vie.


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