April 8, 2006

Can you tell there's not much happening?

Work has been keeping me busy for the most part. I did take part in a Focus Group the other night that was really interesting. We were given information about an announcement made about global warming, and were asked to discuss the information and how we would react to it the way that it was presented. We were then given additional information and asked to comment, and so on... It was enlightening.

The Equality Virginia dinner is tonight... I am not going. I volunteer for them but signed up too late to help at the dinner, and $100 wasn't in my budget. The Richmond chat room dinner is tonight... I will not be going to that either. While I have met people from cyber-space before, I am just not sure if I want to socialize and have dinner with these guys...

Spring in Richmond is exciting. Next weekend are the Strawberry Hill Races out at Colonial Downs, and then the Monument Avenue Easter Parade, which is not so much a parade as it is a glorified dog walk. Apparently everyone dresses up, and dresses up their dogs, and walks up and down the avenue... I can hardly wait for this, as I have never been. The flowers and trees are all blooming and putting on their spring wardrobes... After several months of fall and winter, you forget how beautiful they can be.

Enjoy your Spring, wherever you are!

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