April 4, 2006

Without alot going on, there is little to say...

The past few days have been unremarkable. I worked, I slept, and I read. I am currently reading Dan Brown's DIGITAL FORTRESS and it is quite good.

I went out on Sunday night to Barcode for "Scary-o-kee", had a few beers and came home, no real excitement. Yesterday I came home early and started spring cleaning. I emptied my closet and filled two pillowcases with clothes and linens for Diversity Thrift. I never realized what a collection I had amassed. Today is laundry and housekeeping. We'll see what else it brings.

Oh... I did ride home from work yesterday with the top down again.. Thank goodness I put it up before those nasty storms came through last night... Talk about SCARY!!!

Til next we meet...

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