April 28, 2006

Karaoke at Club Z2 was great last night... I wish I could sing like some of these people. Some of them should be on American Idol... I was supposed to be met by some friends from work, Drew and Nicole. Neither ended up coming. Nicole had a family emergency, and I think the gay club thing may have been a little too intimidating for Drew... But I might be wrong.
I never thought I would ever say this, but therapy today really made me feel good. I realized that the reason my Therapist seems so good to me is that he makes me talk and listen to myself. He shared a story with me: One of his patients came in one day and plopped immediately into "the chair", threw his hands up in the air and said "You ever notice how really fucked up some people can be?" My Therapist looked at the patient with a very understanding glance, and said "yeah I have". The patient said "of course you have. I forgot, for a moment, your line of work". My Therapist added that there are two kinds of really fucked up people, "the truly fucked up ones, and the ones that are working on it." By accepting the fact that I am (a little) fucked up, I hope to be included in the latter of the groups. I think this guy is great at what he does. I know I would be a mess without the help he has given me over the past year.
Speaking of American Idol... How about that Elliot (from Richmond, VA), he made it another week... You go boy!!!
My weekend (Thursday and Friday) is almost over, but has been quite nice. I may go see "United 93" or go to the Holocaust Museum later... I told this to a friend and they suggested rethinking both, as they might be a little too depressing.
I may still go...


Derek said...

have agood weekend, I took off Monday, so I have a long one

Ridor said...

Well -- try to bring a friend that could brighten the room up by cracking jokes. Even if it is crude jokes.

One time I was at Holocaust Museum -- I could not stop snickering when my friend attempted to imitate the pictures of the victims. I know it is not nice and crude -- but he indeed brighten the room as others snickered as well. It was morbid museum but he made it bit better, i think.


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