April 30, 2006

Busy weekend behind me... I worked Saturday and Sunday this week, as I will for the next month, and should for the rest of my life. I forgot how rewarding the weekend days can be. In April I only worked 1 Sunday and 3 Saturdays (Easter was in there so I don't blame myself for missing them all). My delivered sales this month, as a direct result.... STINK...
On a positive note, I was re-invited yesterday to go to the Landmark Theater last night to see the Richmond Symphony, Richmond Ballet, and Virginia Opera's production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". From what I understand this was a very "G" rated version of the story, but I was truly entertained by all the performances, not to mention the people attending, dressed in everything from tuxes to tees. Who says Richmond is stuck up and conservative?
Ask me how I ended up with tickets at the last minute...
Stephen called me earlier yesterday to ask me if I would like to go. I accepted knowing it might be somewhat awkward or uncomfortable for both of us. The performances were awesome, and it wasn't too bad, until after we left and I offered after to buy a drink and suggested Z2. I was a bit tired and felt quite uncomfortable there, as I suspect he did too... We showed up dressed to the nines and together, which we haven't been for awhile, so a few of our mutual (and not so mutual) friends were surprised to see us.
I had a really good time. Thank you Stephen... It was my first Symphony, first Opera, and first Ballet, I will certainly remember them all.
Until I write again.

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