April 25, 2006

Thursday and Friday are getting closer and closer.... YeeHaaah!

This was day number six (straight) at work, and to most, selling probably doesn't seem that energy consuming... But it actually is... You have to be "ON" all the time, "ON" meaning; the people you are dealing with expect you to be at your best all the time. It's very hard to do that for an 11 hour work day... Fortunately there are only 2 of those during the week. Today was one, as is tomorrow... Oh and tomorrow is my Friday, so I will be very relieved when 9:00pm rolls around.

I was called by my attorney's office yesterday, to look for some documents being mailed to me. These apparently are court ordered requests to produce financial information that my wife can use against me... It's ok, really... There isn't all that much to share, she actually gets more from me today than the court will order me to give her... Additionally I pay for her healthcare insurance through my employer... Anyway... We will see what the documents are, when I get home from work tomorrow..

Another day in the life...
Be good, and Be yourself!

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