May 11, 2006

Good evening Richmond... and Happy Thursday.
I went out to Babes last night for karaoke night, and yes, I even sang, albeit badly. I sometimes never seem to amaze myself, although with enough liquid nerve (alcohol) I guess we all will do things we normally wouldn't or shouldn't. I had fun regardless.
Today was 11am meeting with attorney, had to go over all sorts of questions sent by my wife's lawyer, and produce documents to help determine spousal support for her. It wasn't all that bad, although most of the paperwork requested, is in her house, not mine. I later had a checkup with my Cardiologist. Everything is good with my heart and I will not go back until next year. He said he likes the patients that take his advice - quit smoking, lower your cholesterol, and exercise regularly - and as a result, have uneventful checkups. I am a good boy!
I met a very nice man today. We had coffee, walked and talked, had ice creams, walked, laughed and talked some more. Interesting fellow... I felt I babbled alot and he was great at tracking. A remarkable talent to say the least. Oh, and he was handsome too!!
I am almost done with "Boys like us". I will have to find another book as good for my next read.
Over and "Out"... til next time

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