May 14, 2006

Well, that's it... The West Wing ends and Matthew V. Santos takes his place as the newest POTUS...
The last few days have been very full. Elliot Yamin, from American Idol, came home for a visit to what a co-worker now calls Richmond, Vagina - My co-worker/friend is a little down after a recent trip to DC, she misses the urban jungle and shops I think. Saturday I did the Race for the Cure - a 5k walk/run supporting breast cancer awareness. Later I got to see my youngest, my baby girl, before she left to go to her senior prom. She looked so beautiful, all grown up and sexy at the same time, I had to leave after about 15 minutes before I made a fool out of myself by crying in front of my wife and kids and the other parents there taking pictures. I drove off and pulled over to shed my tears of happiness, sadness, pride, and sorrow... I am so proud of her and to be her father, and I love her very much.
After work yesterday, I went out to Z2 then Fieldens... There was a nice crowd in both locations and I ran into quite a few old friends and made some new ones. Work was long today, Mothers Day is not really busy for furniture sales, but I managed to make the day worth while. I made a couple of phone calls to friends, to catch up, during the West Wing commercials - they played the first episode, then the last, starting at 7pm.
All caught up now... Over and "Out"....

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