June 19, 2006

The day after...

Fathers Day came and went without much fanfare... I happened to be online last night and my #2 son saw me and wished me a Happy Fathers Day. This morning I went to check email and my #1 son had send me wishes at 2 in the morning.
I returned yesterday, to St Thomas Episcopal Church in Ginter Park . I really like the people there and the family atmosphere. It's a smaller parrish that is outwardly diverse and open-minded, yet not exclusively anything. The service is similar enough to a Catholic Mass that it is easy to follow. It is also a more traditional service, which I like as well. There are numerous opportunities for volunteering. They have several outreach programs that I can get involved in.
A friend came over later and helped me assemble some furniture I bought. We later sat out in the sun, read for awhile then chatted. He is struggling with some stuff and I think I have made it "interesting" making it more difficult for him to sort things out. I just hope he can. He has a relationship with a guy he really likes, that he is hesitant to re-kindle for reasons totally between them. I just don't get how you can pass up the opportunity - or not take the chance - to be really happy. Personally I'd go for it... I will be there for him, what else can I do?
That's all for now, Over and "Out" from Richmond

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