June 22, 2006

20 Years Ago

My... Was it that long ago? It seems like just yesterday. On June 22nd 1986 I married my best friend, my love, my soul mate. So much has changed, except those three things. I received an email this morning as a reminder:


I should have expected my reaction, but I was caught off guard. I spent a portion of my hour long therapy session discussing it and trying to understand my feelings... I suppose I never will.

I like my therapist. He has such insight sometimes and really helps me put things in perspective. I have so many things going on in my life, and represent an undiscovered path to a lot of people. I often wonder how anyone can possibly be interested in me as a person, a love, or a friend. He - my therapist - said: "Don't worry, don't beat yourself up over what you seem to think are faults. The people that truly know you and like you probably do so because of them". Interesting... He also reminded me that one of the quality traits of the person I am, is having the ability to wait to be invited/asked, rather than forcing a situation or stance. In other words, a good guy never shoves his opinions down someone's throat or forces his presence on them. It's always better to be invited to the party than to crash it...

My best friend is away for the weekend. A graduation he is attending in his Hometown. I have been asked to dinner by another friend that I haven't seen in awhile. It will be fun catching up.

So long for now from Richmond, VA

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