July 19, 2006

Another Day in the Life

My wife's attorney made me feel like a dirtbag... I guess that was to be expected, what wasn't, was what she decided to share with our daughter after the settlement conference... I received a text message from my daughter telling me she was not going to communicate with me for awhile. I am sorry she doesn't want to talk to me about whatever it is I was accused of...
The settlement conference resolved nothing other than giving our attorneys a platform to cackle and accuse the others' client, and of course bill another $225.00... I meet with my lawyer again tomorrow, as our case is on the docket Monday. If this goes to court, we both will lose. Unfortunately, she more than me, which does not make me happy or proud. When she first brought up the "D" word and filed, I asked why? She is covered by my insurance, she receives money from me monthly that she does not have to claim as income, she lives in the house WE bought... The only thing she doesn't have is me anymore...
I guess "that which does not kill us", does in fact make us stronger... At least I hope it does for both of us.
Meanwhile... JD (my new love in Williamsburg) and I are spending as much time as we can together. His heart is so open and connects with mine easily... The physical attraction is awesome, our personalities are totally compatible... Now we just need to get to know each other (and open some baggage) a little better... We have discussed a lot of things and can spend quiet times together, as well as active times... I think we have both agreed that we are past the "Like each other" stage and working on the next step. He is very good for me and I hope I am for him as well.
That's all for now! Be well and be Gay!!!

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