July 22, 2006

Never enough time

I drove down to Williamsburg after meeting with my attorney on Thursday... There never seems to be enough time down there. I met JD at his job, which I sensed - and he later verified - was a little awkward for him. Still... I think he forgave me for showing up with fresh flowers and a smile. I made dinner for us on Thursday, and we had a nice quiet evening at home.
Yesterday JD had to work, so I hung around the house, read, washed my car including the nasty carpets (which had an extra large Coke spilled on them by the nice little girl at the Burger King drive through), did some laundry for JD, and put his grill back together after Fed-Ex delivered the replacement parts he ordered. Dinner was Shish-ka-bobs of chicken, grape tomatoes, onion, yellow squash, green peppers, and zucchini. I made enough for the neighbors and we invited ourselves over for a swim and a cookout. Another quiet evening.
And then it was 10:00 o'clock and time to leave my home away from home, for Richmond.
Never enough time...
That's all for now... Over and "Out" from Richmond VA

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