July 26, 2006

A Dog's Life

Dogs, dogs everywhere, all are black and white...
On the deck and in the house, with no relief in sight...

I should have been a poet. Well, we all survived the night without a rift. My room-mates two dogs slept under the bed (and on their own dog bed, which I brought), while JD's two slept with us in the king bed (for the most part). They all get along pretty well, although there are definitely two "alphas" in the four, so cooperation is not guaranteed.
I ran a couple errands here in Williamsburg for JD and myself this morning. I like this place, it is pretty compact for being so rural. unlike Richmond, which is quite spread out for being so urban (or suburban)... I am planning on grabbing my bathing suit and heading over to one of the neighbors to swim in their pool, and catch a few rays (yes the sun has made an appearance today) while reading from "Fresh Men 2" a collection of short stories penned by up and coming gay writers. These are not "sex stories" as BJ had suggested. They are just fiction written with a gay perspective. I was happy for that.
That's all for now, Over and "Out" from Williamsburg, VA

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