August 29, 2006

Home Sweet Home, Sweet Home...

Well... It's done! I am now an official resident of Toano, and James City County. My drivers license says so, and so does my car registration (oh yeah, I finally got the Sebring back last week after fighting with State Farm about replacing my windshield and winning). I even got my new tags and UM sticker the convertible in celebration! I am trying to get JD to allow me to add a UM decal to his jeep, but he is still "iffy" on the idea...

The move up was uneventful. I picked up the 14 foot U-haul at 7:30 Saturday morning, and started loading boxes and clothes and "stuff". BJ showed up (right on schedule) at 9:30 to help me move the bedroom furniture from my first floor room, out to the truck. We were both sweating like whores in church, by the time we finished. Is it possible to be 85 degrees with 110% humidity? It's pretty scary when ALL of one's worldly belongings fit into less than half of a 14 foot box truck. None the less, the van/truck was brand new and the A/C worked like a charm. We sailed down I-64 to exit 227 and my new place in the "burbs" of the "burg". Then the real work began. My furniture was all going up a slight hill, up the front steps of the house, around a real tight bend at the top of the porch, then up to the second floor. I think by then it was 95 degrees and about 150% humidity... YUCK! We got it all done in record time, and I got the U-haul returned to Richmond by the promised time of 1:30.

My new neighbors invited JD and me over for a "Welcome to the neighborhood" get together on Saturday night, which included many, many, gallons of liquid refreshments, dinner, and a yummy lemon cake for desert (which I am still enjoying for breakfast). Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday night, with a trip to the Prime Outlet mall mixed in for good measure. How could I possibly pass up an opportunity to go "outlet" shopping, even with blurry eyes and a pounding head? Ahhhhhhh, the life of a self-respecting gay man...

Yesterday, (oh yeah, I am on vacation this week) was pretty quiet. JD and I went down to Newport News in the morning to run a couple of errands, then came back up and lounged poolside at the neighbor's all afternoon. A great way to start what is leading up to be a pretty wild week with family visits.

More to come... from Toano, VA... Over and "Out"

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