October 11, 2006

Always a Good Reason!

It's been a few days since my last post and I have good reasons... I've been a very busy guy!

This past weekend was "MY" work weekend - every other one I work the whole weekend - which includes Monday. It was pretty busy considering all the rain we got. I - and others I'm sure - was preparing to build an ark and start gathering animals two-by-two. I think shoppers were willing to brave the elements in hopes of finding a bargain over the Columbus Day "SALE". I got my fair share of them.

Jim spent his long weekend painting the kitchen walls, trim and ceiling. I felt bad that I wasn't helpful but made up for it yesterday... It is Fall, and what does any self-respecting Virginian do in the Fall? Why, over-seed and fertilize the lawn, of course!!! The house here in Toano sits on about an acre. Half of that area is lawn. Not a rectangular, easy to mow and service lawn, but one with curves, hills, fences, trees, and numerous other obstacles. After visiting the local "Homo Depot" for advice, and purchasing the necessary seed and fertilizer, I began mowing, raking, and shoveling - evening out the dog paths along the edges of the fence and beds - before spreading the 100 pounds of seed, then following that up with 50 pounds of starter fertilizer... Whew... I am sore and tired again just thinking about the walking, pushing and pulling I did... It was 6:45pm by the time I finished. This better be the best damned looking lawn in the "gayborhood"!!!

Otherwise I have been following, with interest, the unfolding events over at Brent's Blog: "A Journey by Myself". I realized yesterday that it was a year ago that I left my home and exited the relationship I had been in for almost 20 years. Brent has so much to discover about himself and the real "Gay" world... Take it slow and enjoy yourself Brent, you have the rest of your life to figure out who you are and your purpose in the grand scheme of things!!!

I added a "StatCounter" to my blog, and find the visitor details, maps, and to/from links quite interesting... It's fun to track those that visit, how they got there, how long they stay, which posts they read, and where they were when they left... HOW DO THEY DO THAT!!!

Today I have some grocery shopping to do, then I am going to go out in the yard with a cold Miller Lite, and watch the grass grow... I've always got a good reason!!!

Over and "Out" from foggy Toano, VA

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Glenn said...

Just found your blog this evening and I like what you wrote. I enjoy reading the blogs of "regular" guys. There's so much wonderful living going on out there!

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