October 6, 2006

Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

Can you tell I am off today and it's raining outside? Of course you can, because I spent my morning looking at YouTube videos. This one has me now humming the "Lord of the Rings" theme... Over and over!!! You will be doing the same if you decide to play it!
Otherwise, things are wonderful in Toano... I am going to try to paint the kitchen today, if I can get off of this computer. Hopefully the weekend (Columbus Day) will provide for some brisk sales at Value City Furniture in Newport News, VA. Last month was kind of slow, which September seems to be every year. October has a tendency to start out slow and pick up, I certainly hope it does just that!
Be good, Be true to yourself, Watch the above video, and turn it UP!
Over and "Out" from Toano, VA

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jason said...

Hm. Now, see, I'm on Fall Break this week, and I was thinking of going to Nashville to Pottery Barn to look for furniture. But now that you've said Value City....I may check there instead.

Good idea! And where'd someone find the time to make that video?? Heh...

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