January 31, 2007

Spam... Yuck

I seem to be spending more time cleaning up the crap (read spam), that people feel necessary to post as comment on here, than I do writing new posts... Yuck...

Life is grand in central Virginia... Work still takes up way too much time, but that's life! Jim is working even harder and is coping as well. We get to spend time together (every non-working waking and sleeping moment) which is great, although not enough for me... Our schedules still don't mesh, so a whole day off together is rare...

I have not heard from the kids in Richmond in a long while. I assume they are pissed after their Mom took me to court and was awarded about half of what I was paying her before, about a third of what she was hoping for, and of course, shared all the details with them.

For those of you that have read from the beginning, and/or are experiencing similar situations, I really don't think it ever ends. Just as you feel better about the choice to be honest with yourself, a monkey wrench gets thrown in... When you feel things getting better with the family, something happens and the house of cards comes tumbling down... I don't regret anything, I just miss my kids... Maybe I need to schedule an appointment with my therapist... It's been almost six months, and I may just need a refresher.

I am off Thursday and Friday this week, I need to find myself something to do. Maybe a jaunt up to Richmond for some shopping will help.

Anyway, I seem to be rambling here, so....

Once again from Toano, VA... Over and "Out"!


stumpjumper said...

There will always be "wrenches" thrown - either into the works, or at you - but don't let that get you down. It wouldn't have been easier if you lied to yourself. Yes, a good chat with the therapist would, IMHO, be a great help. Take care and keep you chin up. It's a new year and a new dawn for us all.


Mark said...

Will my wife and I are now in the middle of selling the house. She realized (probably to late) that she really wants to stay here but can't afford it on her own ( here that she hasn't worked in 30 years, her own choice and doesn't want to go back now). I had suggested that she have her aunt (89 years old) move back from California with her but she refused to move on that idea.....until we signed a contract on our house. Now she's in a panic. She's decided to move her aunt back (and sell the aunts house.....will it gets more and more complicated.....women) only problem being that we have a SIGNED contract.

I know I'm luckier then you in the "kids" department. Although they would have perferred I weren't gay they have been accepting and have expressed their love for me for which I am eternally grateful.

I love your blog. I know I'm not the only man going thru life with "wrenches".

Kelly said...

Hang in there... you have made it through some tough times already and I am sure you can make it through these tough times... and shopping will help... and may be good to see the doc again..

Maddog said...

Enjoy your days off. If you go shopping you can by me something. I'm not to picky.

Maddog said...

Enjoy your days off. If you go shopping you can by me something. I'm not to picky.

Scotty said...

I sure would like to hear more about your the details of when your wife brought your blog in court...for obvious reasons.


Jimmi said...

You need to put a word verification on your comments... Then you wont get the spam. I never get that on my comments but I have heard of others getting it that don't have the word verify. To get it on your comments do this:

Got to Settings
click on the Comments Tab
Scroll down and it will ask "Show word verification for Comments?
You will wan to mark "Yes"

Then when people make a comment, they simply type in the letters, I'm sure you have seen this. It works...

As far as the kids not talking to you if your ex is "bashing" you to them, then she is not right for that. It only affects them more than you. Your kids will come around and it will be fine, they just need time. Your ex needs to know how to suport herself and stop depending on effing alimony! Get a job! I never really understand how someone can demand money off another person just because they are divorced. It was different back in the day when women stayed home and took care of the house and then their husbands leave them and they have no working skills, but in this day and age that is ludicrous... Woman are in the workforce and they are demanding even more money so they can make ends meet. Well I say do like everyone else does and deal with it! Child support I agree with, but it should be regulated and it should ONLY be used for the children!

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