February 2, 2007

Miss-posted comments

I got an email today from my ex-sister-in-law... She wanted to know if I remembered her, and if she was famous enough to be posted on my blog...
This is for you Aunt Sharon:
Hi Tom. It's me Sharon. Remember me? The kids from Miami's aunt. You look great. Sounds like things are sort of tough. Makes us stronger and more humble. I find a little humility goes a long way and keeps me at peace!! No matter what we choose we always end up hurting someone, I suppose. Just remember to do the next RIGHT thing. And I guess you are the only one who knows what that is. Sometimes it is not just about US. That is where it gets tough!!!!! Am I right. Hope I make it on the wall! Hugs from Gainesville. I know....where is that???????????? Love Sharon
Over and "Out" for today, from Toano, VA

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Jimmi said...

That's great to have such good support! :)

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