April 30, 2007

Springtime Chores

My posts have been slow in materializing these days due to the beautiful weather and training in my new position... Sorry all...
This past weekend was spent mowing and doing chores around the outside of the house. You ever notice how the grass doesn't grow all winter (late fall and early spring too) and then after you apply the first round of weed-n-feed it grows like a hippy's hair on Rogaine? I cut the grass less than a week ago and this is what it looked like, in my eyes, before I started mowing with our semi self propelled mower, on Saturday:

Of course, our yard is a little smaller and hillier, but you get the picture. I was a little sore after making the rounds and fighting with grass that grew six inches in less than a week...
While I tended to the greenery, Jim was blasting away the winter residue on our lengthy driveway in preparation to re-seal it. Now mind you, we went out in early January and got the pressure cleaner, the sealer and all the necessary equipment and tools to do this (the first time the weather warmed up to 70 degrees). We took turns back then and cleaned it hoping to seal it in a day or two. The weather turned sour and we never got back to sealing until now. The sun came out Sunday morning and it was decided that the day for black topping had arrived... We garbbed ourselves in our Sunday worse and headed out to spread the 30 gallons of black goo onto what seemed to be something like this:

Again, the photo maybe somewhat of an exaggeration, but I can assure you that our arms, legs and backs were feeling not too great, after we were finished.

We were invited over to our neighbor's house for dinner last night. Which was a great thing, as I had no energy to cook anything. It took Jim and I about an hour to get all the sealer off our hands legs, faces and other extremities, but it did feel good to be clean and sweet smelling again.

For those of you that want to know what the driveway and yard really look like, here are a few pictures taken this morning:

I work later tonight (training with store closing procedures) and have been asked to fill in for the manager that has been training me for the rest of the week... Indoctrination by fire??

Over and "Out" from "Springtime in Toano"...


TJ said...

You've done a great job. You also have a lovely home from what I can see.

Maddog said...

The place looks great. But I suppose it had better after all that hard work.

daveincleveland said...

what a great house and yard.....very nice......guess i will come there for vacation this

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