May 4, 2007

Queen(s) In Williamsburg

I guess the gig is up! Williamsburg is now right up there with Provencetown, San Francisco, NYC, and the like... All favorite hangouts for queens!
I think it's great that Queen Elizabeth II took time out of her busy weekend schedule at the Kentucky Derby to visit what is now referred to as the "Historic Triangle": Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown... I once got a glance of her in a limo riding and waving through the people lined streets of Miami, and felt no need to fight the crowds for another "look-see" here in Virginia... If you've seen one queen... You've seen 'em all...
Seriously though... I do think it's awesome that today's leader of the country that lost it's rule over our nation over 230 years ago still feels comfortable enough to visit. Our current leader should take note, and try to emulate some of the finer qualities of the British Monarch.
Now on to a vote of sorts. I just recently rented and watched Dame Helen Mirren's academy award winning portrayal of HRM Queen Elizabeth II in "The Queen". Personally, I think Ms. Mirren is more convincing in the role than Ms. Windsor... Your thoughts?
Over and "Out" from just outside the Historic Triangle, in Toano, VA


Kelly said...

The Queen has been sitting in our living room for a week now...the movie that is... we hopefully will watch it soon...

Maddog said...

I thought The Queen was a great movie and you are right, Helen Mirren is definitely more convincing in the role than Queen Elizabeth is herself.

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