June 6, 2008

Fate or Faith?

I had an interesting discussion the other night with a new friend (they say never to discuss, money, politics or religion on a first date... "rut-row")...

I am a staunch believer in "fate" (as I have mentioned previously in "My New Life"). It doesn't mean that I don't have "faith" it only means that I subscribe to the theory that everything happens for a reason, and that our lives are pre-destined. I was also trying to explain my own interpretation (in a very, possibly too, analytical way) of the GOD I believe in...

Let's start from the beginning. Look at the following two images and their similarities:

The first is a beautiful image of our Solar System with the planets all lined up (which rarely happens in real life). The second (the copyrighted black and white) is of Atom Activity... Again all I ask is to compare similarities in the above and now these two images:

The first being a Hubble image of Galaxy Clusters, the second an image of a cluster of Atoms.

Now to my theory:

What if we are nothing but small specs of organic debris on one of the electrons of an Atom? What if that Atom is actually part of a molecule of a cell of tissue, of something much larger? What if that "something" is in fact "GOD", the source of our destiny? Our pre-determined fate?

Now, if in fact we are all of the above, and the galaxy and universe are nothing more than clusters of things just like us and the object we call earth, what possible good would praying have on the outcome of anything?

My thought? Praying makes us feel good, it makes us feel that we have some control over our own destiny, and that of others we care about.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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Maddog said...

What a deep post to end my day with.

I have this theory that life is nothing but a dream. It's been established that when we dream it's in real time. Well what if when we are dreaming that world is created. So when we wake up the person in the dream dies. What if when we die, it's just us waking up from a dream. A good dream? A bad dream? You decide.

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