November 21, 2008

My First Snow in Chesapeake

I woke up a little late this morning. As I was doing the morning routine and started the coffee, went in to relieve the overnight bladder, turned on GMA, then opened the blinds in the living room, I realized it was snowing outside!

My first snow living down here. I am excited and I love snow.

Mind you it wasn't sticking to anything and it phased from a sprinkle to snow off and on, but it was beautiful. I went out on to my front porch and just took it all in...

This summer and fall reminds me a lot of the first year living in Virginia, back in 1999. I was told by most of my colleagues at Circuit City (the company that relocated me from Miami) that it rarely snowed in Richmond, and when it did, it rarely lasted long. The summer that year was hot and humid and the fall very short lived, not unlike the seasons we just experienced. That winter became the most extreme one in years. The first snow was in mid November (sound familiar?) and the unusual thing was that it stuck AND accumulated. The whole city seemed to close down for three inches of snow. And that was just the start...

We had more accumulating snow, two ice storms, sleet, and freezing rain that year than we have had any year since. I got a taste of winter and snow that first year that I actually enjoyed and kind of expected from that point forward... Each winter since has been a little different with a lot less precipitation. Although I have also moved closer to the water over the past few, first from Richmond to Williamsburg, and then from the "burg" to Chesapeake, so I suspect the chance of a "white Christmas" will be somewhat diminished.

None the less... We got snow this morning and I loved it!

Over and "Out" from Chesapeake, VA


manxxman said...

I remember moving back from England to Kentucky in '92. My daughter was 9 at the time and so much wanted a white christmas (all those prints you see of the English countryside covered in snow, that's a rarity). Christmas morning came and she rushed into the bedroom all excited, it had actually snowed that night. It did this (and on Christmas eve) for the next 4 years......she grew to expect it. Like some sort of gift.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe you all moved from Miami back in 1999. It seems like yesterday.


Maddog said...

I love snow. I love snow. I love snow. I can't wait till NYC gets it's first snow of the season. When it first falls it makes the city beautiful. More so than any other thing in the year. It's so peaceful and quiet. Of course 24 hours later it's all brown, but who minds that.

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