July 5, 2010

Ever Lose a Post?

I was cleaning up some clutter on my laptop and found that I had never posted this entry (I actually did post it, but found out that same day that my wife had passed away, so took it down out of respect)...  It was written shortly after Michael and I met:

Full Circle (from 1/22/09)...

Greetings from Richmond, VA... Funny how things happen, I am up here to spend a day or two with my man Michael. I started this "blog" in this city, have moved twice since then, and here I am again... Full Circle...

My boss went up to DC for the Obama inauguration, and after losing our Merch/Sales Manager, I ended up working seven days (pardon the pun) "straight"... I was exhausted and I missed my man so decided to drive up for a non-home weekend. He is at work but came home for lunch to let me in and give me a big hug (which I needed desperately). His son will be home from school shortly so I figured I'd post this little blurb before engaging with the Eight year old's psyche... I do like my man's son, he is very smart and witty... He hasn't figured us (his dad and I) out yet, but Michael promises me he will never lie about being gay, if his son asks him.

Reminds me of an event that happened not too long ago with my youngest son (who is now 23). He had found some "incriminating evidence" on the family computer regarding his dad. Now mind you I was always pretty good at wiping off any trace of the websites I visited and the chat rooms I went into, but apparently this time I was careless. He called his older sister in Miami hysterical about finding out his dad was gay. His sister (my step-daughter) called her mom (my wife) and explained the situation... My wife called me and for the first time in her life asked me to lie to one of my children. I suggested that maybe it was time to tell him about my sexuality and she emphatically replied "NO". I made up some story that, at the time, seemed plausible and hated every minute as I explained to my son what he thought he had found. I have never forgiven myself for that. I suppose he has not (forgiven me) either...

I guess what I am saying is, I am happy that Michael will not lie about who he is, to his son. If I could go back 5 years I would not either... Full Circle? or just a coincidence?

I plan on meeting some of Michael's friends tonight (yeah I am a little stressed) but think I will manage (with a couple more beers). It's meeting his Mom (she owns a gun), that scares me to death!!!

I ended up loving his friends, have met his mom (and the rest of his family) and think they are all awesome.

Over and "Out" from a year and a half later in Portsmouth, VA