July 2, 2010

THX rocks the world...

I have always liked going to movies in a theater, but I have also enjoyed viewing those movies at home, in the privacy of my own underwear...  I'm sure many of my family and friends would agree... The difference is (to me) I MUST have a great sound system (and at least a 42" HDTV) to enjoy a movie at home...  I have heard films in DTS, Dolby Digital, and THX and I have always preferred THX sound  to any of the others, perhaps because LucasFilms has been involved with many of the movies I have liked.   I also have always liked the intro/trailers for THX and "The Audience is Listening".  Here is a YouTube video of a collage of those intros, I can now hook up my laptop to my 42" HDTV and surround sound system with THX, so it probably sounds better to me.  I did notice towards the end of the intros, the sound was not synced with the picture, but hey, it's YouTube and free, so who am I to complain...

Over and "Out" from my day off in Portsmouth, VA

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Tim said...

I have many of the industry only THX setup discs if you really want to be rocked I am also in Portsmouth if you would like to get a copy.

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