January 29, 2009

Processing and Pondering...

As can be told by my lack of posting, I have been processing things over this past week. While Di and I had not seen much of each other over the past 4 years, we were together for almost 20. We have two grown children together that I wish would at least make an attempt to reach out to me, but haven't. It's hard to process when there is little input (other than my own feelings and memories) and even harder to make decisions that will potentially affect those two, when I don't know what they want or are feeling.

I am fortunate to have someone to lean on, and while it's not in my nature to rely on another to hold me up, I am trying to let him. It helps and I thank him for being there.

I have been communicating with my attorney in Richmond and with Di's good friend (that has been selected as the administrator of her estate) and since we were still married, there are things that need to be worked through together. More processing and pondering...

While I am entitled to some bereavement time off from work, I have chosen to try to keep busy now and use the time when all the feelings and the reality of her passing really kick in... It's difficult now, but I know I will need some time later too.

Over and "Out", still Processing and Pondering here in Chesapeake, VA


Anonymous said...

I'm there for you trying my hardest to hold you up and I know you will do the same for me in my time of need. I know in my heart and soul you are a great man and a great dad. I'm there for you forever

Anonymous said...


If you need anything I can help with, you know I am just a phone call away.


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