March 27, 2009

Don't Tell ME!

Once again I have borrowed from another to fill my page and help spread a really cool video. I found this over at Geoff's Blog and will probably be humming the melody all day.

Thanks again Geoff. You do some awesome stuff!

On a side-note, Michael and I drove up to Williamsburg last night and had dinner with my two youngest... When we got there, my son (23), who I haven't seen in almost four years, got up out of his seat and gave me a huge hug... I didn't want to let go... My eyes welled up with sorrow (for him and the loss of his mother) and joy (for me being able to hold him, talk to him, and even laugh with him again). I was so anxious and nervous all day yesterday, all for not... My daughter (21) got some things off of her chest (reasons for distancing herself from me) but in the end, it was all about ALL of us... We are still family and good friends aside, we are all WE have.

It was grand!

Over, "Out", and proud of the way my youngest children have handled things in their lives... From my world in Portsmouth, VA.


manxxman said...

Ok so you post this morning made me tear up........are you happy.

I'm so pleased for you and Michael, and so glad you have had a reconcilation with your children. It's not easy for them and it can take time. All you can do is to continue to love them.

What a great day for you.

Becker said...

Your story is very inspirational. Makes me teary. Especially today when I learned that the wife of a dear friend of mine ended her life because she couldn't bear his cheating anymore.

I am happy for you, for Michael and your family. Life is worth living.

Thomas said...

Excellent news - onward and upward!

23 and 21? *expands the image of you and thinks that maybe I should be wearing my glasses* Holy cow, you have kids that age? I totally thought you meant 7 and 8.

prestwi - think pre-stwi. Stwi, to be stressed out listening to so many folks talking about their video games. Pre-Stwi, anticipation of more stress knowing the dude that chats alot sitting behind you at work is buying one this weekend. ;)

jim said...

I am so happy to hear that your son, who used to be so angry, has come around. I'm sure there is still work to do, but it looks like you are all on the right path.

Good for you!!


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