March 17, 2009

Gone in ONE Day!


I was so worried about how much time it would take to sell the house up in Glen Allen. The housing market today is "iffy" but I guess it was in the right place at the right time, at the right price... The small room on the left end of the house (was a bar when we lived in it) was filled with boxes and "stuff" to be picked up this week by Diversity Thrift. So when my Realtor's office told me they had scheduled some showings on Saturday afternoon, I was skeptical at the very least, that anyone would be even slightly interested.

I listed the house about 25k under the "market" and "comp sales" values (after evaluating it's overall condition and the length of time the "comps" were on the market) knowing I needed to move it faster. There were 3-4 different parties interested since the sign went up (and the listing was signed) last Saturday. At about 4pm I got a call from one of my Realtor's associates, then another asking for a fax or email address I could receive an offer on... By 5pm I had the offer and reading it, my jaw dropped... FULL PRICE!!! Offer expired at 6pm (it was signed and faxed back by 5:30)!

More to do around here in the new place... Everything has found a resting place, so I will concentrate on hanging some wall art today!

Over and "Out" (and happier than a Pig in Poo) from Portsmouth, VA (the other P-Town)...


Thomas said...

How nice for you. And to think I was coming here to tell you my friend had hemmed and hawed and finally decided to tell me today that she couldn't afford it.

Very Kool and I'm sure it's a big stressor off your shoulders.

aquatere - Freglish for swimmer.

manxxman said...

I go out to Las Vegas for one week, hoping to win enough money to take the house off your hands and you go and sell it from under me.......good thing as I'm a bit behind the eight ball here.....any chance of a loan (I guess not).

Well done, now how about some pics of the new home and the new hubby.

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