May 20, 2009

Weekend in DC

Michael and I had a great time this past weekend in Washington DC. I didn't want to post anything about our plans in advance, because my niece reads my blog periodically and the reason for the trip was to attend her graduation from Georgetown University, my attendance was to be a surprise.

We drove up Friday afternoon/evening and checked into the Marriott Key Bridge, in Arlington right across the bridge from Georgetown. There were all sorts of events planned for the graduation, including a Ball at Union Station on Friday night. We passed on that and just spent time settling in and finding the bar...

The School of Foreign Service (the degree she attained) was the first to have their ceremony at 9:00am. As the last graduates name was called, the rain started falling in earnest. The rest of the speakers were abbreviated and the proceedings ended rather abruptly.

Saturday afternoon we spent some time exploring and then headed to Remingtons for an evening of Country Music... Michael is quite good at dancing and even slapped leather (slapped the soles of his shoes while line dancing). It was great seeing 15-20 guys up on the dance floor all line dancing (Yes, Remingtons is a gay country bar)...

. . . . . . . .

I started this post yesterday on my day off but never got around to finishing it. Last night Michael and I ventured out to see Star Trek at the Commodore Theater in downtown Portsmouth. The movie was awesome and the theater was beautiful... When it was refurbished in the late '80's, it re-opened as the first theater in the US to offer a full service dinner menu and beer and wine service as well.

If any of you are Trek fans, be prepared for some changes in the "message". This movie is action packed and while Kirk plays a pivotal role in saving the day, the rest of the characters are not overshadowed by him (as they were in the original series). The casting was very well done and believable. Plenty of room to continue "the voyages" too...

Live long and prosper from Portsmouth, VA

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