October 2, 2009

Facebook and Farm Town

Ok, now I know what people mean when they say Facebook is addictive.  Michael and I have both been connecting and reconnecting with all sorts of friends over there.  As a result I have been here on the blog a little less often.

I still get over here to read my favorites, but seem to have less to actually post about.

And then there's Farm Town...  Michael is totally addicted.  I started up a farm just so he could get to the next level (he needed just one more neighbor at the time).  Now I catch him plowing and planting my fields, buying me more land, a house, barn and more animals than any farm should have...  He was on the front porch the other night with both laptops switching from one to the other...  It's actually quite entertaining to watch him...

Speaking of entertaining, a friend (Frank) on Facebook sent us both this video. I nearly fell out of my chair watching it:

Over and "Out", one week away from the National Equality March, October 10th and 11th (in DC), from my little world here in Portsmouth, VA


jim said...

I know what you mean. I have been sucked into Farmville. It is a totally non-productive waste of time, but I can't seem to stop.

Becker said...

fuuny i also wrote about farmville this week. seems like this is a worldwide phenomenon!

manxxman said...

Now don't you go abandoning your faithful readers......especially over some farm.

Geoff said...

I was the exact same way! Thankfully the addiction eventually eased and now I only occasionally visit FB and rarely farm lol. Enjoy it!

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