October 12, 2009

National Equality March

The weekend was FANTASTIC!  Michael, Frank (a mutual friend) and I headed out and up to DC on Saturday morning, arriving at Jessica's (my niece) at a little after 1:00pm.  We got our stuff into her apartment, met a friend of her's, then set out for Dupont Circle (She and her friend had plans for the afternoon).  She lives on Scott Circle, about 2 blocks from HRC Headquarters, so we hit the HRC gift store for some equality trinkets before heading to Dupont...

As the afternoon and evening progressed we all soaked in the crowds (and possibly a liitle too much alcohol). There is a story or two there that I may (or may not) post in here one day....

Sunday morning came way too early.  Jess has a huge group of friends in DC and one was hosting a brunch and protest poster making party before the march.  This is Jess and I with one of the creations:

My eyes were still a little sensative from the late night we had Saturday...  After the posters were completed we headed to the Metro for the ride up to the starting point for the march.  It was awesome, there were thousands of people from all walks of life with all sorts of related causes to protest and march for.  Right before we started to actually move (it took about a half hour for our part of the march to actually start moving as we were about 1/2 way back), Michael looked up over the trees and saw this shining down on the park we were staging in:

A Rainbow, in the middle of a relatively clear sky showed up over us.  How frigging cool is that? Everyone started pointing up at it, like it was truly a sign of sorts...  The march was about 2 miles I would guess, and this is what the front of the capital looked like by the time we arrived:

Behind us is a reflecting pool and then the mall.  The marchers filled in all the empty space you see above and then started flowing out onto the mall.  Rainbow and Equality flags were everywhere, not to mention the thousands of signs and posters...

I work today til close, but will try to post more pictures later.  Frank took hundreds and has promised to forward them to me...

Over and "Out" from back in Portsmouth.

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Loved the post.....and your and Jess's poster. I look forward to more photos.....thanks.


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