October 26, 2009


Geoff, over at Life and Times of a Gay Guy featured my little piece of the web on his podcast this week...  Thank you Geoff, as most of us know it's not all about recoginition, but it is always nice to be acknowledged...  I have been doing the "blogging" thing since 2006, and while the words I post are mostly for my own gratification, I am always happy to hear that they touch a chord with someone that is about to go through what I have experienced (or something closely related)...  I have truly experienced some wicked ups and downs over the years (of exposing my thoughts and feelings in here)..  But I have never regretted a single word typed, or implied...  I am, who I am, and always consider the the implications before I post... 

For those that follow me, that have never listened to a podcast, I highly recommend Geoff's at the link above. If nothing else, you will experience the sexiest voice I have heard in years!  Go there, and Do that!!

Regards and "OUT" from the laundryroom here in Portsmouth, VA

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Geoff said...

Well it's true...your blog is truly wonderful.

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