November 6, 2009


Sadly, history repeated itself. This time (on Tuesday) in Maine.

One year ago, in light of the equality defeat in California, members of "The Marrying Kind", and thousands of their friends and family members all over the US, committed to talking to their loved ones about marriage equality over the course of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Today, in response to the defeat of equality in Maine, I suggest you repeat the conversation (suggested by them), and invite even more friends to join you, and your open-minded thoughts, this Thanksgiving.

Hearts and minds are changed through honest, heartfelt discussion. Let's start in our own homes. Clearly, based on the numbers, voters with gay family and friends, voted against us and them at the polls in California (last year) and Maine on Tuesday. It's can't be possible that all the rest of those people, voting to strip rights away from us, have no gay friends. They voted against people they know and/or love. How did that happen?

Let's talk about this, and our feelings about equality with our friends and our own families now.

Let's give thanks together, and let's hope for a day when we are all equal, period.
Over and "Out" from my neck of the woods, here in Portsmouth, VA


Bob said...

Nicely put.

Geoff said...

I know I felt like I had been punched in the stomach when the news came over the net. The day WILL come when we are all equal, I just hope we're around to see it. Great post my friend.

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