April 30, 2010

Never Done... (Chapter Ten)

As I have been penning these "Never Done" entries, I realized that I tend to get on a finite topic and never offer much more... So, today I offer a "day in the life" aboard the family, world cruising, sailing yacht: "Firebird":

7:00am (or so): Sam and Dollie (the 2 dogs) are crossing their legs and really want to go ashore to do their business. One of us (4 boys) has the dog duty and pulls up "Firewood" (our dinghy/tender) along side to take the dogs to the beach.

8:00am: Breakfast for all, usually simple with seafood, eggs and/or canned meat.

9:00am to Noon or 1:00pm: Studying, we all had different things (subjects) we were working on, so the questions to our parents were numerous and very diverse.

Lunch followed: seafood and/or sandwiches.

After lunch: We all had chores, diving for the next meal, heading to the local market for fresh items, baking breads for later consumption, along with cleaning, laundry, scrubbing, painting and varnishing... (Not sure that I mentioned, but "Firebird" had lots of beautiful African mahogany as trim, hatches, skylights and rails). Additionally she had Teak decks, all of which required constant attention.

Dinner followed the afternoon/evening happenings. One of the things my mom has always boasted about, was her ability (read: inability) to cook... We often had the most interesting meals. The word "Interesting" was always used when it turned out somewhat different/less flavorful/less appetizing looking than she expected... Curried Conch was one of these meals... Mom didn't realize that when you use curry, you have to add a tomato product for color... We ate the curried conch (green as it was) until it was gone... Mom also had a long standing philosophy: If you feed them late enough, they will eat anything...

Amazingly enough, Mom is a terrific cook today!

After dinner (at whatever time that was): The dogs got a final ferry ride to shore and we all turned in to read or listen to the radio or whatever...

Synopsis of the majority of our days: Mom, Dad, and the four of us boys, all relied on our own special talents at this point. Once a week I baked bread (for lunches and dinners) for the following week. Mom was (and still is) the "Glue" that held us all together, my brothers were the divers and fishermen, and of course, Dad made it possible (through his teachings, knowledge, and ability to work for money) for us all to do the things we did...

More to come... I'm sure!

Over and "Out" from my weekend in Portsmouth, VA

ps: if you have never visited her site, go check out Bossy. She is on her whirlwind "No Book Tour" across America, and has a recent post about traversing Donner Pass and continues to list me as her "Featured Gay" because "Bossy's gays brighten every day"...

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