May 1, 2010

Who Would Have Thought>?

In just a little over 4 years I've hit yet another milestone...

Never imagined 30,000 people would even be interested, and I do realize many that "clicked" weren't, but that's ok too!!!

Over and "Out" 30,000 hits later, from Portsmouth, VA


UP said...

Congrats on the 30,000. I'm at 22,000+ and excited about it.


(You don't know me, I heard about your blog from someone else's blog, and I check it out at least weekly, and it's saved as a "fave"!)

Tom (Thomas) Rimington said...

Added you as well

UP said...

BTW, fellow Virginian here. Born in Lexington...taken unwillingly away by my parents when they moved...I miss it!


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