May 27, 2010

Just another Re-Post...

We are both off today and I was browsing some of my old posts and found this from 2008.

Tom Brokaw has always been one of those people I admired... Funny to see him in 1968 as an occasional on air reporter for NBC, and today... as the trusted information icon he became and since relinquished to Brian Williams:

Funny also, the parallels between the then war, in southeast Asia (Vietnam), and our long lived "Bush"whacking (in Iraq).

One of the first people, a student from the University of Wisconsin, to protest the draft in 1968, and move to Canada, has since become a Canadian citizen, a well respected attorney, and has started to represent some of our young people today, sucked into the Iraq war by talks of WMD, connections to Al Qaeda, and other Bush lies, tricked into fighting another war similar to Vietnam... I know I am oozing secrets of my age and my political preferences here, but this gets better!

The Smothers Brothers (Comedy Hour, a very popular show in 1968), were censored for being too politically incorrect and ended up being cancelled by CBS in 1969. Yet comedians today, specifically people like John Stewart, contribute their passion for their profession to people just like them. I loved the Smothers Brothers, and yes they did come back!

I was not even thirteen yet that April, when I watched Bobby Kennedy announce that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been assassinated in Memphis, TN... My Dad, had decided to take his wife, four sons, a dog, and a cat across country (to move us and show us all the beauties of our "United States") from a very comfortable life in Northern California... We were visiting family near St. Louis, MO when that news came out... The June announcement that year that Kennedy himself was shot and killed in LA, came when I was living with my family in the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix to be more specific. It seems my Father was smarter than I could have possibly known...

The plan for my Dad in 1968, was to find a large sailboat (something in the 60-70 foot range), and take this awkward time to show his "boys", wife, and animals, the world... He wanted to sail around the world with us... We made it to the Caribbean and Bahamas before he passed away in 1979... But that's another story...

Back to 1968... My current "significant other" was not even born yet when these events took place... The democrats self destructed in Chicago of that year... HHHumphrey had no chance after the convention, and we were destined to have a Nixon (who had previously announced he would never seek another public office) in the White House... but then there was George Wallace, from Alabama... Yeah I remember this shit...

Women's equality also became more advanced that year... Miss America 1968 came to be a turning point for women's rights in America, when a live sheep was crowned Miss America before Debra Dene Barnes actually received the bouquet of roses from Bert Parks... Additionally, women trashed their girdles, and bras (mistakenly referred to as burning their bras) along with other articles commonly associated with women.

1968 also marked the lift off, and voyage of Apollo 8, the first manned mission from earth to venture to the "dark side" of the moon... A precursor to the eventual landing the following year.

We are now 40 (42 in 2010) years beyond 1968... I am happy to be here, and even happier to be a part of the next "bra burning" generation or group... We are who we are and we (the GLBT community) must stand up and be visible!

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth, VA in 2010

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Anonymous said...

I was just a very young child in 1968. I was 4 years old.

But I so remember the first moon landing. I may have only been 5 at the time but that left an indelible mark on me.

Kind of why I'm so disappointed by our current space program.

Obama is wrong - we need heavy lift capability especially if we're ever to answer any space borne asteroid threats, etc.

But I'll take him a step further. Lets develop VASIMR drive to the point where we could use it for a Mars and beyond mission.

They think that with VASIMR the trip to Mars would take a tad over a month as opposed to a year or so with conventional rockets. With VASIMR we could actually venture OUTSIDE our galaxy.


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