June 22, 2010

Rehoboth Guest House ...

If anyone reading this is considering visiting Ocean City, MD and/or Rehoboth Beach, DE (about 15 minutes north of Ocean City), Michael and I cannot recommend more highly the Rehoboth Guest House.  We showed up a little before the "official" check-in time (as the drive up from Portsmouth took less time than expected).  We found our documents and information on a table in the living room of this beautiful old home...  Shortly afterwards, before we got our bags out of our double-parked car, Logan (our favorite employee of the stay) showed up to help with the check-in process, later we met Tom, the manager, who was also quite accommodating and friendly.  With most rooms you get complimentary parking (about 2 blocks away) which, in Rehoboth is a "major deal". Parking is a big issue in the area, as I hear it is in Ocean City as well... We never moved the car after we checked in, as most places are within close walking distance (with the exception of the tax-free Outlet Shops which are a few miles away)...

We stayed on the 3rd floor, the first and second floors are less expensive but, they do not have a private bath (there is/are one or two shared baths on those floors)...  Michael and I both enjoy our private "potty time" and sharing is not fun in our case...  The room had a queen sized bed, was nicely decorated (very light and airy), had the modest private bath, yet NO closets...  Make sure all the clothes you take are comfortable being folded and stowed in your suitcase or a dresser drawer...

Moving on...  Rehoboth is one of the most unique places I have ever stayed/visited as an "out" gay man.  The main drag through town, and to the beach, is Rehoboth Avenue... Families (including children, Moms, Dads, grandparents, etc, etc... abound).  Yet, just one block over on Baltimore Avenue,  is like the "Castro" in San Francisco.  The families (or at least some of them) are crossing over onto our "family" street and, for the most part, are enjoying themselves immensely. The Rehoboth Guest House is just one more block over on Maryland Avenue...  I have lived in Miami, been to Key West, been to Provincetown, I have been to many a "gay" destination and I am very impressed with the residents and visitors of Rehoboth and their acceptance of the diverse guests that visit this beautiful town...

We had a great time as our week progressed, onto Cape Cod, and into Provincetown, however if your plans call for some place closer to a Mid-Atlantic destination and you are comfortable with a great mix of people, visit Rehoboth and stay for more than the two days we did...  We are already planning a return trip for a longer stay.

Next review (maybe tomorrow) is on the Boatslip Resort in Provincetown, MA

Over and most totally "Out" from back home in Portsmouth, VA

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the cajun said...

I wish you would have let me know of your visit. I now live and work in town and would love to have met you both and suggested a few not-to-be-missed bits and pieces of the city.

I work at Dos Locos on the Avenue 6 days weekly and it would have been a pleasure to meet and spend some time with you, or just have a cocktail.

If you feel so led, let me know the date of your next visit. Hint: after Labor Day is best.

So glad you enjoyed my little "city" as they call it.

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