July 1, 2010

Best Fireworks and Wishes are always Disney!

I have the distinct privilege of representing my store (ie: working) this weekend, so my posts may be sporadic at best.  I do have a memory of one my favorite "4th of July/Independence Day" fireworks displays though. It happened on a visit to "The Wonderful, Colorful, Magical, Tolerable, Acceptable, Hap-Hap-Happiest frigging Place on Earth" better known as Walt Disney World, in Orlando Florida.  The YouTube video below is worth watching (although it was not an Independence Day celebration) it does however, represent closely my favorite experience described above:

Put on your ear-buds and turn up the volume, the music and narrative makes the program even better! I get goosebumps every time I hear and see this video...

As the Blue Fairy says: "Remember, we must always believe in our wishes... For they are the magic in the world...  Now let's put all our hearts together and make a wish come true"... How Gay is that?

I am off tomorrow (Friday) and may post then.  However, if I don't, happy 234th birthday to our great country and happy Independence Day to all of you!

Over and "Out" from an original Colony...  Portsmouth, VA

ps: I changed the title of this post after the original publishing due to the final result...  I like this title better!

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Very, very Gay!


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